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About Us

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Farmech established in 1994, once served the OEM of small 2 stroke engine to a famous Japanese company, IHI Shibaura Machinery Corporation. During the period, we have learned how a Japanese maker purchases parts, controls the quality, inspects the products and arranges the shipment to customers. Not only accumulating the very cherish experiences from production, but Farmech also developed its own designing and branding capability from Shibaura’s teaching. Different from many copy engines, we were devoted to the basic study and developed the own designed 2 stroke engine in 1999. Thought over 10 years, Farmech has established the in-house capability to handle all required services including product design, development, test and manufacturing. Our extensive product series can meet almost the market demand with the best quality and price competition. Our test laboratory is the best-equipped in Taiwan and can meet the latest international regulation demand.

Farmech's engine is made for professional use, with the demonstrated capability for 300 hour operation without significant performance degradation. Our product ensures its life time as longer as the Japanese engine. With our competitive pricing and proven quality, we are able to provide our customers with product choices which are superior to Japanese engines and copy engines. Now, our 2-stroke engines products has been sold several hundred thousands all over the world.

Beginning from 2005, it legislate serious environment regulations against the traditional 2-stroke engine selling to United State, European Union, and Japan. Following the trend of eco-conscious, Farmech released a new 4-stroke engine in 2011, with the features of low fuel consumption, small size, light weight, and 360 degree inclinable. This engine is expanding the market share of Farmech’s products and, of course, it meets the strictest emission regulation in American and European Union.