About Us

About Us


Different from many manufacturers who produce copy engines, we were devoted to the basic study and developed the own designed outdoor power equipment. And the excellent technician makes our quality ahead of our competitors.
Farmech has established the in-house capability to handle all required services including product design, development, test, manufacturing and package. Our extensive product series can meet almost the market demand with the best quality and price competition.

Laboratory & Durable Test

Our test laboratory is the best-equipped in Taiwan and can meet the latest international regulation demand.
We have 2 different specification of dynamometers (“dyno” for short) to measure engine’s force, torque, power, and fuel flow meter under different RPM. We do variety engine testing in-door and out-door, to make sure our engine reliable performance.

According to the quality and durable life required, we do strict durable test to meet our requirement. And we guarantee our products reach useful life of 300 hours, this is the highest operation standard in EPA rating.(1st level –50hrs; 2nd level -150hrs; the highest level -300hrs)